tort law damn you and your puns shh it’s okay honey just put on this ball gag H.H. nostalgia hey have you met my friend fluoxetine hydrochloride sad you are being vague again stop it bicycle berlin don’t sue me bro may day drunk art run away! run away! love reincarnation this is my Geheimnis a bit porny innit jesus christmas SOONS. death origins angola landmines dude watch out touch my face give me a massage i wish everyone in the world could feel what i’m feelin haunt let’s make this a little more awkward could you leave you’re dripping ectoplasm on my carpet props mad ill Wortspiel ist sehr lustig ja? ghost mother teresa thanks for being vague lubricant porn history america these are things that go together well ideas make that whistle go woo wooop zeitgeist appropriation what are you going on about egg boobs t-shirt you’re welcome biodiversity i paid $15 for this joke i’m going to tell it to everyone i meet today college credit cards debt bad credit john cage memes memetics orly ya rly lulz don’t you dare tell this fiction must be maintained at all costs bash fyi irc is not usually quite that funny wanna cyber bread old people philosophy kittens get off my lawn comic porn tijuana bible buddha mu discordia Zhàozhōu fat cow lies hunger germany photography smile for the police report see also: matt boyd the internet meat do you know what are you made of do you know what your children are made of ya wai 21 redundant shill campaign redundant chan is redundant fluidity of morality gum mint bubblegum painful puns i have an outfit that looks like bubblicious watermelon stop just stop right now voip vocoder perspective subjectivity where’s yo grid at 23 man i am so milestoned sesquipedalia litigiousness sociopolitical satire huh Harry is an alcoholic maybe also a drug addict spoiler alert think you don’t KNOW me originality conversation? or schizophrenia? unique what language crips rip tookie based on a dumb real-life conversation voting democracy hey remember vote or die oh man comics booty arr it’s pronounced “finance analyst” the deer hunter 13 tzameti russian roulette tv elementary my dear watson the best sandwich molestation can buy mims politics hey air america i think you missed the point you know what we should go to forum 2000 nerd party precession of simulacra kind of a lot of this stuff floating around plutonium danger Ἴκαρος Δαίδαλος rtfm babies moist bork bork bork otter dang bumper bumper sticker i put this pun in my mouth keep your pants on poohaven coffee now you know where creativity comes from václav havel adam michnik forum 2000 words YOU’RE WELCOME GHOST blah blah blah shut up omg music physics nerds montreal zing! don’t you talk about my mama hot pride: maybe it is a sin? education hipsters insecurity crime doesn’t pay and neither does ontology if you’re so smart why are you destitute allergies yaay yaay i can’t breathe yaaay who wants a neti pot? it is me think harder where the lulz at internet find the joke communism celestial bodies kick out the jams ubiquipropriate pizza on a bagel stop talking about yourself mary shelley siyo nqoba pac-man toilet poem not quite haiku ass halo haiku danish pity treesexual i’d tap that jokes gone wrong things i think about when flying to freak myself out stewardess another drink please t. rex muse perversion lunacy oh come on this is the end beautiful friend social ineptitude aaawwwwkwaarrrd herpes subtlety moose life from an outsider’s perspective more like MOANday hurhurhur you don’t need to tell me to not touch the paintings pretense i wanna be unique! vomit peanut butter merzboo armchair defend if red lampshade nobody wants your damn wafer cookies i yam what i yam please pleasure we aim to please this comic brought to you by the numbers 1 and 2 crap league of extraordinary gentlemen alan moore moanday fanfic: when you just won’t let them die fleshsacks bags of meat summer beach don’t worry you guys franco is still dead leaving bananas cliché popsicle stand dippin’ dots frozen peas know how to please beer 4th of july free speech yeehaw etc. remember jesse helms with pot and interracial buttsex reagan vittles or victuals: whose side are you on? operation littlest of vittles: bite-sized edition tempelhof misleading operation little vittles airlift joseph beuys kennedy jumping fences builds character? change school no i can not justify my nostalgia ectoplasm automatic pepper peeler Friiidaaay tee tea Jazzercise yo that’s some ryan north syntax right there retcon convention fail is that your final answer olmec wants to know why you never call goats sylvia zoophilia bestiality gay irl meetup tiem social networking don’t unfriend me plz queue line nonsense metaqueuing is the new queuing prague eating out girls durkheim sociology techno dad international party noise sometimes i didn’t know the art could look worse gods fhtagn no fly list tsa capps ii secure flight take off your shoes god hanging out with god: awkward it’s like man what do i say how can i be interesting second law of thermodynamics see also bogodynamics r.i.p. mitch this audience is dead life bro stop stop stop please stop you’re no Klosterman (pop) culture nuclear fission David Hahn Scav Hunt that had better be a parade celebrating the crop mist hey a chemistry word rite of passage wtf society let go let go the puns aren’t getting any butter you fuckin stick ‘em on your car rabid wolves fetish nate eat it well here it is now anyway hate olympics beijing lung cancer mutually assured destruction manbearpig hey wow so your kids have asthma too huh gotta’pr’tec’m’kids he always drops them roy orbison metaphor lonely that’s what SHE-oh never mind flip-flopping you have been warned webcomics never die they just go on hiatus philistines the lot of you is a bromosexual someone who’s aroused by bromides no pun you’ll be here for all otternity fnord 100 what do you want on your milestone sarcasm friday baaarrrrffff war what is it good for war. war never changes. eris exercise redundant reflex. prop. of redundant reflex. props shoes utility feets of strength toles right recursion where’s the break well I don’t know um pancakes insanity